Innovation through collaboration​

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) is a non-profit organisation for encouraging collaboration between the biocontrol industry and academia in the AgriTech sector.

Encourage the development of next-generation formulation and delivery systems.

Encourage collaborations for research and commercialisation.

Enhance opportunities for startups/SMEs (who dominate this sector) to raise investment, while creating more general investor interest in the sector.

Highlights from the
Biopesticide Summit 2019

Future Summits

Mark your calendars now for Biopesticide Summits 2020 to 2023!

The Biopesticide Summit 2020

UK, May 2020

The Biopesticide Summit 2021

The Biopesticide Summit 2022

Europe, May 2022

The Biopesticide Summit 2023

USA, May 2023