Hold your ‘last Thursdays’ for this year’s monthly webinars!

Those of you who attended last year’s monthly webinars on Global Harmonisation of Biopesticides will join us in thanking IDRG.eu for their collaboration on this insightful series, which was very popular in many countries. This year, due to popular demand for accessible lectures by world-leading experts, our programme will cover a broader range of topics, including Regulation, Innovation, Formulation, Commercialisation, and even tips on delivering the Perfect Pitch for your start-up!

Webinars are scheduled for the last Thursday of every month throughout 2024. Our webinars are free to access (ensuring total accessibility to all) throughout 2024. The full programme can be found here.

25 April 2024

Dr TM Manjunath

IPM: Need and Scope for Integrating Augmentative Biocontrol, Chemical Control and Other Methods (available to view on-line)

30 May 2024

Dr Ralf-Udo Ehlers

Conventional Insect Pest Management at a Turning Point (available to view on-line)

27 June 2024

Dr Owen Jones

Semiochemicals in BioAg: Recent and Emerging Technologies (available to view on-line)

25 July 2024

Ian Tracey

Pitching to Investors: Top Tips for Your Presentations and Applications

29 August 2024

Dr Patricia Stock

Connecting Industry and Academia: Why Collaboration is Important, and How to Do It

26 September 2024

Alan Bullion

Communications as a Tool to Support New Products and Services

31 October 2024

Dr Michael Brownbridge

The Use of Microbes in Indoor Cropping

28 November 2024

Dr Imme Gerke

Global Harmonization

19 December 2024

Dr Balaji Vasudevan

RNAi in Agriculture

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The World BioProtection Forum

What is the WBF doing?

WBF is a non-profit organisation that encourages collaboration between the biocontrol industry and academia in the AgriTech sector. Our goal is to connect different stakeholders who can work together to ensure the successful development and commercialisation of biocontrol products.

As well as supporting this series of virtual seminars, the WBF is running a regulatory campaign to reform regulations for biopesticides in the UK (as the country is looking to revise regulations post-Brexit and is welcoming suggestions at this time. Part of the campaign includes a focus on encouraging applicants for new biopesticides to follow a route for joint review at the time of pre-submission meetings with the HSE, and to help make more biopesticide companies aware of this process.

The WBF is dedicated to connecting stakeholders from across the Agri Bio / Agritech, with the goal of overcoming the hurdles and challenges that seem to hinder the progress of innovation and commercialisation. For more information about the WBF and our activities, visit www.worldbioprotectionforum.com