Use of Adjuvants and Soil Health in Agriculture

Use of Adjuvants with Biologicals and Soil Health Management in Agriculture

This half-day event takes place on Tuesday 12th October! 
Finding the right adjuvants for BioProtection products is a major challenge. As well as providing the required support, adjuvants must be compatible with the active organism and suited to its application technique. This is often cited as the most important obstacle in scaling up and commercialising a new bioprotectant. This virtual event, which was held on 12 October 2021, provided insights from experts in the field, and connections with stakeholders in the BioProtection sector who can help overcome challenges in this area of product development and commercialisation.

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Dr Minshad A Ansari

Founder and CEO of Bionema Ltd,
and Chairman of the WBF

Minshad is the Chairman of World Bioprotection Forum, as well as being the Founder and CEO of Bionema, a bioprotectant technology company. He is passionate about developing and commercialising natural bioproducts to protect crops from pests and diseases, reducing the use of synthetic pesticides, enhancing food security and increasing crop yields. Minshad has more than 20 years of experience in developing and launching bioprotectors in AgriTech sector, having published over 70 research publications in international journals and received many prestigious business innovation awards. 

Jerry Alford

Jerry Alford

Arable and Soils Advisor,
Soil Association

Jerry has experience in arable and mixed farming, having run the family farm in Devon for 25 years. He has been Arable and Soils advisor at the Soil Association for 4 years, where he focuses on supporting farmers to move to agroecological and organic farming systems. Through involvement with the Innovative Farmers Network as a trial coordinator and as an advisor for the Great Soils programme and the Fabulous farmers and RELACS European projects, he supports farmers to reduce artificial fertiliser and agrochemical inputs and
improve soil resilience. 

Renaud Perrin 2

Renaud Perrin

Stepan Formulation
Chemist – Europe

Renaud Perrin, Stepan Formulation Chemist – Europe, with a Master’s degree in Chemistry from CPE Lyon, has eight years of experience in agrochemical formulation. Prior to joining Stepan Company, Renaud worked with Syngenta’s Formulation Technology upstream research group for five years where he focused on product performance improvement and identifying and developing new efficacy-boosting adjuvants. Renaud leverages his technical expertise for formulation development projects related to biological products with a focus on understanding loss mechanisms.

Hugo Website photo

Hugo Carrasco

Head of Marketing
Europe, OroAgri

Hugo is an Agronomic engineer with a Masters in Viticulture and Oenology, as well as a Masters in Business and Administration. He has worked for OroAgri for the past 10 years, and has held the position of Head of Marketing for ORO AGRI in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Russia, since 2019.

Dr Martin Shaw

Dr Martin Shaw

Team Leader –

Martin Shaw is Applications Team Leader at Croda in their Crop Protection division. Martin studied Chemistry at the University of Sheffield before joining Croda, where he has specialised in agrochemical applications for over 10 years. Within his role, Martin is responsible for fostering relationships with the R&D centres of key global accounts and other customers to identify opportunities for collaboration and project support. Martin is also part of the global technical group looking to recognise where there are gaps in Croda’s market offerings and where opportunities exist to develop new technologies to meet the needs of the industry.    


Volodymyr Krut

Chief Microbiologist,

Volodymyr Krut is an expert in the biologization of agriculture. He combines scientific research work with field practice, and is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of microbes in agriculture, their variability, and the conditions required for them to perform optimally. He hosts a popular video series on microbiology: Simply about microbeswhich explores the potential for microbes in modern agriculture.

Bex Lawson

Bex Lawson

Senior Plant Nematologist
at Fera Science Ltd.

Bex Lawson is the Senior Plant Nematologist at Fera Science Ltd. and curator of the National Plant-Parasitic Nematode Collection. With over 16 years’ experience working within the Fera Plant Protection Programme, her role is to deliver high-quality nematology diagnostic and efficacy services to UK and overseas government and commercial clients as part of the Plant Clinic. The team utilises a range of both cutting edge and classical techniques to provide comprehensive terrestrial nematodes services across the global spectrum of agricultural and horticultural crops.

Dr Benjamin Langendorf

Dr Benjamin Langendorf

Momentive Application development Engineer – Ag Europe & N/W Africa

Dr Benjamin Langendorf has 14 years of experience in Agricultural/Horticultural research, including 3 years’ experience in Public Health (medical entomology). Benjamin supports the implementation of a high-performance Organosilicones  adjuvants portfolio, which is compatible with plant protection products that help farmers worldwide to protect their crops sustainably, facilitate their spraying operations and reach their yield goals.

Final Programme
09:00 am
Welcome and Introduction
Minshad Ansari, Chairman of the WBF
09:05 am
Soil health: the foundation of our planet’s future
Jerry Alford, Soil Association
Addressing soil and crop production challenges with Soil Health technologies
Kevin Ashford, UPL
09:30 am
Importance of adjuvants in today farming sustainability and ecosystem preservation
Hugo Carrasco, Oro Agri Europe
09.45 am
The importance of formulation design in bioprotection products
Martin Shaw, Croda
10.00 am
A biocompatible wetting agent: Increasing the efficacy of biopesticides
Dr Minshad Ansari, Bionema
10.15 am
Microbial polysaccharides as an alternative to chemical adjuvants
Volodymyr Krut, BTU-CENTER
Unlocking the potential of biologicals through formulation technology
Renaud Perrin, Stepan Company
10:45 am
Organosilicone adjuvants for biological crop protection products
Dr Benjamin Langendorf, Momentive
11.00 am
Using nematodes as soil health indicators
Bex Lawson, Fera
11.15 am
Panel discussion and Q&A session
11.55 am
Thanks and close
Minshad Ansari, Chairman of the WBF

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