Free Download | WBF White Paper on Creating a Best-in-World Regulatory System for Biopesticides

London, June 20, 2024 – The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) White Paper Creating the World’s Best-in-Class Biopesticide/BioProtectant Regulatory System is now available for free download.

The WBF’s White Paper, Creating the World’s Best-in-Class Biopesticide/BioProtectant Regulatory System was a key tool in the organisation’s recent successful campaign for regulatory reform. Including expert insights and advice from more than 20 industry and academic leaders in biocontrol, the document made 24 recommendations for change to current EU/UK regulations.

First published for the initial regulatory campaign in the UK, and with copies given freely to all WBF supporting members in 2023, a digital version of this persuasive and authoritative document is now free for all to download from the WBF website:

The WBF’s White Paper has been considered by UK government ministers, members of the peerage, senior public servants and policy makers, as the country’s leaders have debated the rationale for revising biopesticide regulations. The WBF’s campaign led directly to Questions to Parliament on this topic in autumn 2023, and the decision to revise UK regulations – which are expected to be finalised in 2025 – may be attributed to the WBF’s efforts to bring this matter to the attention of decision makers at the right time, when the opportunity for post-Brexit revisions to regulations was announced in 2022.

A very successful conference, Bringing Pesticide Regulatory Reform to UK Parliament, formed the climax of the campaign at the Palace of Westminster in September 2023. Attended by Lords, Members Parliament (MPs), policy influencers and industry leaders, it was widely agreed that there is a need for regulatory reforms in the bioprotection sector (read more here).

As any changes in the UK may resonate throughout the world, the WBF’s success in persuading the UK Government to revise their regulations should be considered a potential catalyst for global reforms, which the industry has been requesting for the past 30 years,” declared Dr Minshad Ansari, Chairman of the WBF.

WBF members were given a voice, both at the conference and in the development of the White Paper, ensuring that all recommendations included in the organisations campaign for regulatory reform reflect the needs of its members in industry.

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About the World BioProtection Forum:

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) is a non-profit organisation that encourages collaboration between the biocontrol industry and academia in the AgriTech sector. Our goal is to connect different stakeholders who can work together to ensure the successful development and commercialisation of biocontrol products. To join the WBF, or for more information, please visit


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