Launch of the World BioProtection Forum signals new era of industry and academic co-operation in agri-biocontrol

The industry body will foster innovation and commercialisation of environmentally friendly super-sector

A new non-profit organisation launches today with the goal of furthering innovation and collaboration within the bioprotection market, and to speed the path to commercialisation.

Biological solutions for the control of pests and diseases is a fast-growing segment of AgriTech and offers a sustainable alternative to harmful chemical pesticides.

Leveraging new technologies and an extensive global network of academics, companies, institutions and advisers, the WBF aims to:

  • Build bridges between academia and industry by encouraging R&D collaboration
  • Encourage the development of next-generation formulation and delivery systems
  • Educate innovators and entrepreneurs about raising investment for start-ups and SMEs, while working to create more general investor interest in this sector
  • Support start-ups and disruptors in attracting investment and early adopters.

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) will be accountable to its members and governed by a member body chaired by Dr Minshad Ansari, the CEO of Bionema, a leading biopesticide product testing and technology development company.

Dr Ansari comments: “WBF brings together a network of like-minded individuals with similar goal together to collaborate and navigate the challenges ahead. By creating the connections that will allow individuals and companies to take technology forward and thrive, we can more successfully provide the solutions needed to futureproof the sector for generations to come.”

“A new age is dawning in AgriTech, as the BioProtection sector is finally making its mark. The sector is highly innovative, with a shared vision for industry growth. It is inevitable that these technologies will be at the forefront of new developments in agricultural pest and disease control. There has never been a better time to pull together to realise the potential of the sector.”

For information on how to apply for membership, visit our members page

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