Regulatory Reform


The evidence supporting calls for regulatory reform is overwhelming. Streamlining the regulatory process for BioProtection products in the UK and the EU would enable the authorities’ own deadlines to be met and would allow the struggling SMEs that make up the BioProtection Industry to fill the growing gaps in the pest control market. The WBF campaign will begin in the UK, simply because there is currently a unique window of opportunity in post-Brexit Britain.

Recent changes in global power, in particular Brexit, and the UK Government’s commitment to support sectors involved in green technologies, provide a new and unique opportunity to effect change in the European region, starting with the UK where the government is more agile and open to reform. If we can effect changes in the UK biopesticide regulatory system, the revised processes can be used as a test case for reforms across the EU. This is why the WBF is spear-heading a campaign for regulatory reform in the UK, which should lead to changes across the EU.

Especially following the news that the UK government has relaxed rules for the regulation of gene-edited crops (which have much simpler genetic alterations than GM crops) we are more confident than ever that the UK government will look kindly upon our campaign for similarly relaxing rules for the regulation of new biopesticides.


Success depends on us all pulling together now, as an industry. We know that policy makers will listen, but we need enough voices to make enough noise! If we have enough companies and organisations supporting the campaign, willing to put their logos and names behind us, then policy makers will definitely listen and we can finally make the regulatory changes we have been requesting for more than 20 years.

We offer our sincerest thanks, on behalf of the entire BioProtection industry, to those who have already pledged their support, including colleagues from:


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