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A key barrier to bioprotectants  (also known as biopesticides and biocontrol products) reaching the market is a complicated, lengthy and costly regulatory process. Therefore, when in 2021 the British Government announced plans to review many of its regulations post-Brexit, the WBF saw an opportunity to review regulations for bioprotectants in the UK.

The WBF’s White Paper entitled Creating the World’s Best-in-Class Biopesticide/BioProtectant Regulatory System was launched in November 2022. The white paper provides a compilation of expert advice and recommendations for regulatory reform, which we are providing to the UK government for their consideration.

After 30 years of calling for change, the bioprotection sector is watching the UK as they consider their regulations for new registrations. The importance of this opportunity is difficult to overestimate, as it is widely seen as the last chance for a Competent Authority to make meaningful changes and lead a global transformation in regulations for new bioprotectants.

This is a chance for the bioprotection sector to come together to back regulatory reforms that embrace innovation for biological crop protection in sustainable agriculture. Click here to join the WBF and support the campaign!

The WBF’s White Paper Creating the World’s Best-in-Class Biopesticide/BioProtectant Regulatory System will be provided freely to Supporting Members of the WBF. Anyone else interested in obtaining a copy should email


The WBF is working in collaboration with to raise awareness of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD’s) joint review process, which enables simultaneous market access to more countries, more quickly.

Under the leadership of the OECD, regulators have developed the ‘joint review’ or workshare process, which gives participating countries the opportunity to reach compatible regulatory decisions. Joint reviews strengthen the regulatory process, hasten time to market for the companies developing the products under review, and enable same-time access to biological products by growers across the world.

Throughout 2023, The WBF hosted a series of virtual seminars to discuss the progress in global harmonization and explain how to get biopesticides to market in more countries, more quickly, using a Global Joint Review system that is already widely available. If you missed the webinars and want to find otu more,  either get in touch with the WBF team or visit the website.


Success depends on us all pulling together now, as an industry. We know that policy makers will listen, but we need enough voices to make enough noise! If we have enough companies and organisations supporting the campaign, willing to put their logos and names behind us, then policy makers will definitely listen and we can finally make the regulatory changes we have been requesting for more than 20 years.

We offer our sincerest thanks, on behalf of the entire BioProtection industry, to those who have already pledged their support, including colleagues from:


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