Response to urgent call to accelerate development and commercialisation of bioprotection products

The organisers of the World BioProtection Summit – India (WBS-India 2022) are committed to encouraging innovation through collaboration, and strengthening partnerships within and between the BioProtection Industry and Academia for novel innovation and commercialization. 

The World Bioprotection Forum (WBF) and Sharda University share common goals of advancing the BioProtection Sector, and both organisations recognise that this must be achieved through successful development and global commercialisation. If India is to reach its potential, a key step must be for Indian companies and innovators to expand their networks. The international experts attending WBS-India are ready to help domestic companies achieve these objectives.

According to Dr Minshad Ansari, Chairman of the WBF, “Since our inception, the WBF has been fully committed to encouraging innovation through collaboration by enabling and strengthening partnerships between Industry and Academia across the globe.WBS-India will create opportunities for international networking, with delegates having the chance to meet with innovators, academics, manufacturers, agronomists, technical experts, IPM practitioners, policy makers and end-users in the BioAg industry.”

Dr Ansari added, “India is among the fast-growing economies in the world. However, just as in other parts of the world, growth and innovation in Bioprotection is hampered by costly and lengthy regulatory processes, and limited availability of new products and novel formulations for farmers. The WBF has been working to address all of these challenges, finding ways to bring new products and formulations to broader markets,more quickly. WBS-India delegates will learn from the work we have performed since 2019 to address these issues, as we have dedicated our resources to responding to urgent calls to accelerate development and commercialisation of agri-biologicals.”

Saima Siddiquee, Manager – Communications & Events at the WBF, who joined the organisation earlier this year, is enthusiastic about her first in-person WBF event. She said, “This is shaping up to be the most vibrant Bio-Ag event of the year, with an impressive faculty of speakers and panellists, and demand for in-person registrations has been so high that we are going to have to close ticket sales soon. With only 30 spaces left to fill, I would encourage anyone who hasn’t yet booked their attendance to do so as soon as possible!

Our future depends on safeguarding both human and planetary health, and this can only be achieved with a sustainable food system powered by green technologies.Biological agriculture is going to play a crucial role in solving global problems that have been, at least in part, created by intensive 20th century farming practices. To be sustainable in every sense, those new solutions need to be profitable, meaning that innovation must go hand-in-hand with commercialisation.A ‘real green revolution’ is coming, and the BioProtection sector has a vital role to play.

Join us at the World BioProtection Summit – India to be part of the discussion!

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