WBF Newsletter 21st October 2022 – Reach more markets, more quickly

Message from WBF Chairman

Minsad Ansari

Welcome to this month’s WBF newsletter, bringing you the latest developments in Bioprotection including Biocontrol, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers, Bioremediation and Organic.

Last month, we began our series of virtual seminars on GLOBAL HARMONIZATION OF BIOPESTICIDES, in which Dr Imme Gerke, Global Regulatory Strategist at IDRG.eu, Germany, began explaining how to take your bioprotectants to market in more countries, more quickly, using a Global Joint Review system that is already available for your use.

Dr Gerke will also be joining us at the annual World BioProtection Summit–India (WBS–India), which is now only 5 weeks away, so come along and join us to find out more and hear her speak in person.

Remember to also hold the date for next year’s Annual World Bioprotection Summit and Awards (AWBSA 2023), which will bring together the international bioprotection industry for two days for meaningful discussions around innovation, regulation and commercialisation.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to collaborate to innovate via the WBF!

Sincerely yours,

Dr Minshad Ansari,
Founder and Chairman


Reach more markets, more quickly

Imagine the benefits of a bioprotection company having to prepare just one regulatory dossier to obtain approval in 6 or more countries at once, rather than having to prepare 6 or more dossiers and paying for 6 or more regulatory reviews to achieve the same result. Well, we are delighted to report that this option already exists – the problem is that not enough companies know about it, so no-one in the bioprotection sector is doing it!

For most countries, current regulations for plant protection products are based on guidelines developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), an inter-governmental organisation with 38 member countries. OECD is the level at which the EU, North America, Australia and many other countries agree, and this provides an opportunity that is already broadly recognised by many conventional chemical countries, but which is not yet being used widely enough by the bioprotection sector.

Under leadership of the OECD, regulators have developed the ‘Joint Review’ or workshare process, which gives participating countries the opportunity to reach shared regulatory decisions. As well as facilitating the simultaneous evaluation of new products in several jurisdictions, while meeting country-specific regulatory requirements, joint reviews greatly increase the efficiency of the registration process, which allows sharing of assessment work on large scientific dossiers. Joint reviews strengthen the regulatory process, hasten time to market for the companies developing the products under review, and enable same-time access to novel products by growers across the world.

To date, there have been 55 Global Joint Reviews for chemical pesticides, using the OECD Joint Review platform.However, bioprotection companies rarely use this regulatory route, as not enough of us know about it.

If you would like to learn more about the OECD Joint Review process, join us in our next seminar with Dr Imme Gerke. It could be the most effective, cost- and time-saving seminar that you attend this year!

Global Harmonization Seminars

The WBF and IDRG.eu have been collaborating on a series of virtual seminars that discuss opportunities for global harmonisation in the registration of new bioprotection products.

Join Dr Imme Gerke, Global Regulatory Strategist at IDRG.eu, Germany, for a series of seminars on GLOBAL HARMONIZATION OF BIOPESTICIDES to find out how you can get your products to market in more countries, more quickly, using a Global Joint Review system that is already available for your use.

The next seminar takes place on Thursday 27th October.

Coming soon… WBS–India 2022

The WBF India Chapter’s World BioProtectionSummit (WBS–India), on 1st December 2022 at Sharda University, Uttar Pradesh, India, has a highly-distinguished faculty and delegate list already. This year’s event will focus on reaching wider markets and helping the bioprotection sector in India to reach its potential.

With speakers from Europe, North America, Australia and India, this is an opportunity for all stakeholders in the region to learn about the latest technologies, and network with high-value contacts who are looking for opportunities to collaborate to innovate in bioprotection.

The Annual World BioProtection Summit and Awards (AWBSA) 2023 will take place on 19–20 April 2023.

Attracting delegates from all corners of the world, AWBSA offers global networking opportunities as well as dedicated sessions to encourage innovation and commercialisation of new bioprotection products. There will also be a celebration of the best and brightest new ideas and achievements in the sector at the annual Gala Dinner and Awards on the opening night.

We are currently finalising arrangements for a venue in mainland Europe, so stay tuned for more updates soon!

Coming soon… WBS–India 2022

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