Call for Candidates

WBF would like to invite nominations for the following vacancy on our Board and Executive Committee

WBF Treasurer

Role and Advantages of the WBF Treasurer:

Role and Advantages of the WBF Board:

Our Treasurer should possess the following qualities:


Each candidate’s profile should contain:
  • Email proposition by an active member
  • Email from candidate active member indicating his/her acceptance to stand for the office concerned together with:
    • A brief statement describing the contribution which they are able to offer and wish to make to WBF.
    • A short biography
    • An identity photograph
Candidate profiles should be sent to the Event Director, Syeda Meraj ( before 17.00 30th July 2022.

Each complete candidature profile will be circulated at the beginning of September to all active WBF member companies eligible to vote. The election will close on this date.

The results will be declared by the Chairman/Executive Director in December 2022, and the successful candidate will begin a 2-year term as WBF Treasurer starting 1st January 2023.