World BioProtection Forum welcomes leading biocontrol experts to join its Advisory Committee

Three world-leading experts have joined the Advisory Committee of the World BioProtection Forum (WBF), to ensure the Forum offers the best possible advantages for its members.

In order to help its members, navigate the challenges and opportunities of the post-COVID, post-Brexit world, the WBF is proud to have three world-leading experts join its new Advisory Committee.

  • Dr Willem Ravensberg is well known in the industry, with past posts including President of IBMA. With 30 years of experience in registration affairs, he is now Corporate Sr Regulatory and Governmental Affairs Manager at Koppert Biological Systems.
  • Dr KRK Reddy is a leading innovator with several patents to his name. He is the Founder of Sri Biotech Laboratories in India, and he also serves as President of BIPA (Bio-agri Input Producers Association).
  • Professor Zhibing Zhang, from the University of Birmingham (UK) has built an international reputation for developing original work on micromanipulation of single micro-/nanoparticles and encapsulation/bioencapsulation. How work has already been applied to bioprotection products to enhance shelf life.

These experts join the existing team of Advisors to help the WBF achieve its goal of encouraging collaborations between all stakeholders throughout the bioprotection industry to facilitate innovation and commercialisation. They will also help our sector to take advantage of the opportunities offered by recent changes in the balance of global power.

Of particular relevance right now is the political climate following Brexit. The UK Government now has the opportunity, freedom (and relative agility for change) to reform the regulatory environment for biopesticides. The WBF has undertaken the task of leading a dialogue with the UK government, to drive reform in matters most important to our members. The organisation is working to lead an initiative calling for meaningful reform to the regulatory process for biopesticides in the UK, and to developing an environment that supports and nurtures this sector. This could be a first step to encouraging more rapid reform across the EU.

We have a unique opportunity to effect change to the UK regulatory system,” declared Dr Minshad Ansari, Chairman of the WBF. “We are inviting everyone with an interest in this area to contact us and add their names – and their weight – to the campaign. We are asking as many companies as possible to please join us in this effort and be part of the change you wish to see in the biopesticide sector.”

The WBF’s virtual conference on 6th July 2021 will focus on regulatory challenges, and the WBF’s initiative calling for regulatory reform in the UK (and beyond).


Dr Minshad Ansari Chairman of the WBF Dr Sarah Harding Director of Communications  

Editor note:

About the World BioProtection Forum

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) is a non-profit organisation for encouraging collaboration across the biocontrol industry and academia. The WBF was founded in 2019 by Dr Minshad Ansari – a scientist who became an entrepreneur – to encourage the successful development and commercialisation of novel biological control products for agricultural pests and diseases.

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