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Members Directory

As we re-launch the WBF and our activities post-COVID, we express our particular thanks to the following supporting members. These leaders in the bioprotection sector have the vision to invest in the future of the AgriTech industry, reflecting their dedication to Innovation through Collaboration.

43G helps you STRENGTHEN the plant with BIOSTIMULANTS, RESISTANCE INDUCTORS AND OSMOPROTECTORS. Our products are accompanied by our technical assistance, crop control and advice to increase your harvest or save it from some problems. Interested in collaborating with distributors in any part of the world, interested in highly effective and zero residue products. We offer territorial exclusive formulations and “White – label products.”

A. G. Bio Systems is a biotechnology company working on cutting edge technology in the field of plant protection (with a focus on IPM, Integrated Pest Management) and biopharmaceuticals.

APIS is a GLP CRO and regulatory consultancy offers a comprehensive range of services for both microbial and chemical pesticides that includes terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecotoxicology, biological properties, batch analysis, microbial and chemical contaminant screening, metabolite quantification, phys-chem studies and storage stability testing. APIS Germany, the Netherland and Spain are highly experienced biopesticide regulatory experts is able to support clients with all aspects of active substance approval and product authorisation throughout Europe and beyond.

Bionema is a leading UK biopesticides technology developer, specialising in chemical-free, biological crop protection for safe and sustainable agriculture. The company develops and commercialises products for the horticulture, turf amenity and forestry sectors, provides training aimed at increasing product efficacy.

BTU-Center is a developer and manufacturer of microbial products for agriculture: soil recovery, plants protection and nutrition, and cattle farming. Ranking among the 25% of large world manufacturers of microbials, the company extends its products over 4 million hectares in 20 countries.

Croda’s Crop Protection sector is a leading supplier of sustainable formulation additives and adjuvant technologies. With their extensive range of ingredients and unique formulation expertise, they are ideally placed to solve the challenges that occur when formulating with biopesticides and improve the delivery of this technology.

Criyagen is a pioneer in developing agri input products for comprehensive crop nutrition and protection. We believe agriculture scientific information belongs to farmers. In this endeavour we have launched an innovative mobile base AgriApp to revolutionize agriculture extension and information sharing.

Ecolibrium Biologicalsresearches, optimises to scale, formulates and commercialises a range of New Zealand indigenous fungal and bacterial metabolite-based biopesticides.Ecolibrium Biologicals is focused on becoming the pre-eminent biological company, (a focused centre of excellence), within New Zealand and globally.

EcoPhage is a leader in the development and commercialization of sustainable phage-based biopesticides for bacterial plant diseases. Its solutions rely on rationally designed bacteriophage cocktails that target and eradicate harmful bacteria in crops. The company’s proprietary technological platform screens its enriched phage collection, characterizes, and selects the promising phage candidates to be used as a basis for highly effective and sustainable phage cocktails for antimicrobial crop protection. EcoPhage only uses non-GMO, naturally occurring phages. These undergo extensive screening, characterization, and selection processes to generate the most efficient “super-phage” cocktails.

Established in 1986, Enviro Bio-Chem specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of a comprehensive range of premium crop protection products throughout the African continent.

FARMA CHEM produces and distributes an extended range of crop protection, fertilization and public health products. With a strong, bonded team of experts, constant research, and high quality products and services, we create innovation, trust and success. Already working in more than 18 countries, our ambition is to expand our network for further growth.

Providing regulatory and business consultancy in the field of biopesticides, biostimulators, fertilizers and the development of new products through biotechnology, as well as technical consultancy and technological transfer in the field of formulation technique through biotechnologies.

We provide a nature-based approach and specialist knowledge for natural and safe solutions to monitor and manage pests, which help reduce pesticide use and support IPM for agriculture, horticulture and forestry businesses, for a healthier, safer and more productive environment.

Using solutions from nature itself. That is what we do at Koppert Biological Systems. We work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient, by using natural enemies and micro-organisms to combat pests and plant diseases, bumblebees for natural pollination, and biostimulants that strengthen the crops above and underground.

Lisk and Jones Consultants provide clients with the highest standard of support and innovation in technological and market evaluations in the fields of biopesticides, biostimulants and other life science sectors.

Multiplex Biotech is part of the Multiplex Group, leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide spectrum of Agriculture inputs to more than 17 countries. Multiplex Bio-Tech produces Biofertilizers, Biopesticides and Biostimulants.

ORO AGRI Europe’s mission is to develop, produce and sell high-quality agrochemicals, in accordance with the strictest market requirements and regulations, using the most efficient and eco-sustainable technologies available. Our vision is to be recognized as a premium supplier of differentiated biosolutions, striving for quality, innovation and environmental sustainability.

The world’s leading commercial pest control company, with a strong innovation pipeline. Our Global Centre for Science and Innovation is at the forefront of behavioural science and observation research, providing advanced solutions with specific emphasis placed on health, safety and protection of the environment.

Pushing for an effective and sustainable agricultural production system. We lead microbiology research and development programs that offer innovative tools, based on natural biocontrol properties and nutrition provided by selected microorganisms already present in the soil.

Offering  biological solutions for integrated pest management in agriculture, and working with the industry to achieve sustainable biocontrol to fight major pests and diseases.

At Sri BioAesthetics, we understand the importance and the challenges involved in agriculture and are committed to provide cost-effective delivery systems. Our products will help farmers to grow healthy crops while controlling plant diseases, insect pests organically.

Enhancing crop yield, quality and safety, our organic and hybrid protection solutions are easily integrated into conventional spraying programs, helping to advance the IPM approach, enabling adherence to regulatory standards, and supporting the transition to sustainable agriculture.

Valto is passionate about getting the very best out of your vegetable crops. This passion led to the creation of V10, the green solution for PepMV. Every year we invest heavily in providing the national and international horticultural sector with new, innovative products.

Virenxia is a systemic solution provider focused on rural transformation. Our proprietary products, processes and technologies are developed and delivered with sustainability as its core guiding principle. Virenxia’s revolutionary AgTech and BioAg solutions act as catalysts for Climate Smart Sustainable Agriculture and rural empowerment. Our 360° Sustainability approach is holistic, where sustainable food production systems and rural development go hand in hand.