A key objective of the WBF is raising awareness of ongoing research and progress in bioprotection, as well as creating more general investor interest in the sector. Recent articles are listed below. WBF members wishing to share links to their recent articles – which meet the WBF’s objectives for raising awareness and the profile of the bioprotection sector – should email details to Sarah Harding, PhD, Communications Director, link at:

Biological products in agriculture

Shashi Sharma, Independent Consultant – Global Food Security, Biosecurity and Planetary Health, highlighted the promises and challenges of biological products in agriculture, prior to
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Addressing the pressing need for alternatives to synthetic pesticides

A review of the inaugural Biopesticides Summit, at which more than 200 international experts from the private and public sectors, academia, regulatory bodies and
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Improving the efficacy of biopesticides through novel formulation?

Dr David Calvert, Co-founder and Director of iFormulate, explained how formulation techniques are being used to improve the stability, utility and efficacy of biopesticides,
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