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Membership of the WBF offers unique opportunities to connect you with the right partners to take your products to market. Increase your potential through our international network, gain industry recognition at our Annual Global Awards, raise your profile through WBF speaking opportunities and contribute to our regulatory reform campaign, which is seeking to make new product approvals easier, quicker, and less expensive in the UK and, ultimately, throughout Europe. Innovation through Collaboration:
  • Find the right partner for product development and commercialization
  • Extend your market into new territories
  • Join the conversation to shape the future biocontrol industry

50% discount for Indian companies/individuals/institutions only for 1st December 2022



Fee (£)

Tier 1

1-10 employees


Tier 2

11-50 employees


Tier 3

51-250 employees


Tier 4

250+ employees


Tier 5

Platinum member


Concessions are available for academics or registered charities. For more details of WBF Membership, please visit Click Here

An invoice and a full copy of our rules and code of conduct will be sent to you using the contact details you provided above. You will be asked to agree to abide by the rules and code of conduct. Following payment of the invoice, your membership of the WBF will begin and you will be given access to all the opportunities offered to WBF Members.