World BioProtection Forum India and Sharda University to host inaugural World BioProtection Summit – India on 1st December 2022

  • The annual meeting of the World BioProtection Forum’s India Chapter will take place on 1st December 2022 at the highly reputed Sharda University, India

The World BioProtection Forum’s India Chapter and Sharda University are organizing the World BioProtection Summit – India (WBS–India) 2022 on 1st December at Sharda University, Greater Noida, India.

India is among the fast-growing economies in the world. The Indian biopesticides market was valued at USD 64.73 million in 2021. That market is projected to grow to USD 130.37 million by 2029, exhibiting a CGAR of 9.38% during the forecast period (Fortune Business insight). Consumers’ rising demand for organic and biological products and the rising focus on crop protection may boost industry growth. The global biopesticides market is estimated to be valued at USD 5.5 billion in 2022. It is projected to reach USD 11.3 billion by 2027, recording a CAGR of 15.6% during the forecast period (Markets and Markets).

However, as in other countries, growth and innovation in the Bioprotection (Biopesticides/Biocontrol/BioAg ) sector are hampered by costly and lengthy regulatory processes, and limited availability of quality products and novel formulations for farmers and growers.

The World BioProtection Forum (WBF) is committed to resolving these challenges globally, by encouraging innovation through collaboration, and strengthening partnerships within and between Industry and Academia. Moreover, manufacturers can collaborate with governments and academic institutions to create innovative biopesticide products. This collaboration may enable the companies to boost their sales and improve their market reach. These factors may propel the India biopesticides market growth.

WBS-India 2022 will bring these solutions to the Indian BioAg/Agritech sectors, with international experts who can help companies in India to expand their networks and achieve their goals. The event will gather Innovators, Academics, Manufacturers, Agronomists, Technical managers, IPM practitioners and End-users in the BioProtection sector, at the highly reputed Sharda University.

This year’s event has two main objectives:

  1. Accelerate novel technologies and products for global markets, and
  2. Connect academia and industry, creating synergy for faster advancement of the Bioprotection sector.

The organisers would welcome presentations from innovative companies, academics and researchers who are involved in innovation, efficiency, and productivity through the commercialization of innovative solutions and new production systems to the topic of the conference.

Dr Minshad Ansari, Founder and Chairman of the World Bioprotection Forum, challenges India’s bioprotection sector to fulfil its potential, asking “Does India really need more 900 bioprotection companies all doing the same thing? That seems to be the current situation, yet this is an historically innovative and industrious nation – if Indian companies collaborate with global partners on novel technologies, they will be able to differentiate from the competition in this increasingly crowded marketplace, grow their businesses, and increase their assets. I see this as an opportunity for the Indian bioprotection sector to achieve its potential – join us on 1st December, and let’s make it happen!

Exciting exhibition and sponsorship opportunities are also available for companies wanting to showcase their products and technologies, and to demonstrate their imagination, innovation and excellence in the industry.

For more information about the World BioProtection Summit – India 2022, please visit:

About The World Bioprotection Forum

The WBF is a non-profit organisation for encouraging collaboration across the biocontrol industry and academia. It was founded in 2019 to facilitate the successful development and commercialisation of novel biological control products for agricultural pests and diseases.

Biological solutions for the control of pests and diseases present a fast-growing segment of AgriTech and offer a sustainable alternative to chemical pesticides. This is particularly important as more chemicals are being withdrawn from the market due to their toxicity. The WBF is founded on the belief that, by creating the connections that allow individuals and companies to take biological technologies forward, the sector can successfully provide the solutions needed to fill the gaps left in the market by withdrawn chemicals.

To join the WBF, or for more information about its activities and events, visit:

About The World Bioprotection Forum India Chapter

The WBF India chapter aims to continue the work of the global organization within India, by:

  • Building bridges between academia and industry by encouraging R&D collaboration
  • Creating awareness about the need and importance of bioprotectants at all levels
  • Encouraging the development of next-generation formulation and delivery systems
  • Educating innovators and entrepreneurs about raising investment for start-ups and SMEs, while working to create more general investor interest in this sector
  • Supporting start-ups and disruptors in attracting investment and early adopters.

To join the WBF India Chapter, visit

Media contact:
Dr Sarah Harding, Communication Consultant

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